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5 PACK - Antibacterial Yarn Face Mask

Our well fitted elasticated masks are made using zero waste knit technology in Mount Macedon, Victoria, Australia. Two tightly knitted layers made with antibacterial silver ion yarn.  The elasticity allows for a face-hugging fit whilst still being very good for easy and high oxygen intake. The snug fit also means your glasses won't fog up. 

We use a very soft elastic which offers comfort but also retains its stretch and recovery. Great for those sensitive areas behind the ear. Our masks are extremely comfortable and can be worn easily all day. 

Should you want added protection an internal pocket within the mask allows for replaceable filters. Most filters are compatible including the PM2.5.

Made from antibacterial yarn. The yarn has been designed to ensure antibacterial protection, using the properties of silver ions, which are adhered to the internal structure of its fibres. Silver causes no adverse skin reactions and helps prevent the spread of a wide range of microorganisms.

Over time, transpiration leads to the growth of microscopic fungi, which adhere themselves to the fabric and which may cause health problems and create bad smells, while accelerating the deterioration of the fabric itself.

The main properties of the yarn include:

  • Antibacterial activity.
  • Moisture expulsion.
  • Soft texture.
  • Shrink resistance.
  • Fade resistance.
  • Dimensional stability.
Antibacterial yarn ensures maximum protection during the prolonged use of its technical fabrics and the reduction of bacterial growth.

Machine washable.


Being a technically knitted mask the stitches are engineered to be able to stretch and recovery easily and reliably.  This means that the comfort factor is high and the ability to suit a variety of face shapes and sizes is exceptional. 

This mask will fit a large man to small women easily. Not children.


If you are not satisfied with the fit you are able to get a full refund. See here for more information. 

The mask is a non-medical mask and does not guarantee protection from any virus. 


"Thank you so much for such a wonderful mask. It fits really well – doesn’t squish ears – most importantly looks really also breathes really well and a spectacle trick from my optometrist ... push glasses over the mask to reduce fogging.  It works really well with your mask."   Bev

"I have to say these are THE BOMB!! Super comfortable fit giant noses and you can breathe much easier in them. Also if you wear glasses they don’t fog up. My partner wore his all day at work yesterday and said it was perfect"  Imogen

"Finally well dressed for the apocalypse. Best I've had. Thank You" Dan