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 Knovus Founder, Patricia Chircop

Patricia leads the Knovus (formerly team. Over Patricia's 15 year career a range of positions within the circular, flatbed and seamless knitwear industry have been held. Patricia has worked in as a product developer, designer, technician, programmer, as well as a lecturer in higher education. Patricia's wide range of experience and the combination of her science and textile education result in a unique skill set.  Positioning Patricia as an expert in her field of knitwear innovation, design and development.

Patricia's private consulting practice has resulted in innovative solutions for a wide range of knit products including medical device components, furniture and sports accessories, and of course fashion. Working with a wide range of industries her process is adaptable, and always rethought depending on the client, which can range from medical multinationals to independent designers.

Knovus has invested in the latest zero waste knit technology and is Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) compliant practising strict sustainable knitwear manufacturing processes. 


The Knovus Team

Knovus has a specialised team of consultants, programmers, designers and technicians. All experts in their field, they are ready to push your next idea into reality.