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Nanollose: Pioneering Sustainable Fashion

Patricia Chircop | 09 March, 2021

            Nanollose: Pioneering Sustainable Fashion

Over the past decade, Knovus has collaborated with Nanollose, Lee Matthews, and the Institute of Frontier Materials (IFM) on an innovative project to showcase the potential of sustainable yarn in fashion. Our journey began with testing the first batch ofr Nanollose's Nullarbor™ yarn, derived from microbial cellulose and known for its eco-friendly properties and unique texture. Leveraging our knitting expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we ensured the testing process was seamless and effective, producing outstanding results.

Recognising the yarn's potential, we knitted a garment that highlighted its sustainable fashion applications, ensuring it met high standards of quality and aesthetics. Working closely with the renowned fashion designer Lee Matthews and the experts at IFM, we created a stunning showpiece emphasising the versatility and elegance of r Nanollose's Nullarbor™yarn. This showpiece was exhibited globally, including at prestigious events like the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, where it garnered significant attention from the fashion industry and sustainability advocates.

Our efforts demonstrated the practical applications ofr Nanollose's Nullarbor™ yarn and underscored the importance of sustainable practices in the fashion industry. The project exemplified our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and environmental responsibility. Through this partnership, we successfully highlighted the potential of sustainable materials, paving the way for future advancements in eco-friendly fashion.