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Woolmark: Pioneering Knitted Wool Innovation

Patricia Chircop | 09 March, 2021

            Woolmark: Pioneering Knitted Wool Innovation

 Knovus enjoys a strong and dynamic partnership with Woolmark, driven by a shared passion for innovation, natural fibres, and pushing the boundaries of knitting. This relationship exemplifies the perfect union of robust Australian industry partners committed to excellence and sustainability.

Our collaboration with Woolmark extends beyond product development to include educational initiatives. Knovus assists with workshops that educate and inspire the next generation of knitters, designers, and industry professionals. These workshops emphasise wool's unique properties and benefits, fostering a deeper appreciation for this versatile natural fibre.

Knovus has created a range of innovative wool knit products, each showcasing Australian wool's superior quality and sustainability. Our projects highlight cutting-edge techniques and designs, setting new standards in the knitwear industry. By leveraging our combined expertise, we have successfully developed products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

This partnership underscores our commitment to supporting the local industry while advancing sustainable practices. By working closely with Woolmark, Knovus continues to explore new possibilities in knitted wool, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation in the field. Our shared vision and dedication to quality make this collaboration a cornerstone of our efforts to promote and enhance the use of natural fibres in modern knitwear.